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From time to time over the years I’ve read semi-hysterical news articles quoting self-appointed protectors of taxpayer money, expressing fury at apparent wasting of public funds on a whole raft...
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The House of Commons Library has published a paper providing brief information in response to some key questions regarding the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on separated families,...
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In February 2020, the UK government said it would be leaving EU laws on final departure from the EU on 31 December 2020.  But what should be the status of existing case law from the European...
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In considering the impact of UK’s increasing ageing population, experts are questioning whether current legislation protects those who are most vulnerable to financial abuse. Indeed a quick...
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The Family Court of England & Wales has the power to make a financial order in respect of international assets held outside of the jurisdiction. Whilst this maximises parties’ financial...
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We are living in strange and challenging times. Covid-19 has drastically changed our role and place within our family, at home and work. We have had to alter our habits and how we use our home and...
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22 October 2020

Deputyship Applications
If someone lacks mental capacity and does not have a valid Lasting Power of Attorney in place, it may be necessary for someone to apply to Court to become that person’s “Deputy” in...
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Due to the Coronavirus situation, this year the Family Law Awards will be held virtually on 25 November - and you're invited to join us! It's free to attend, and you can register here. It's been...
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There have recently been two cases in which adult children have begun court proceedings seeking a formal court order to force their parents into providing ongoing financial support to them.The first...
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The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is today issuing new guidance on effective complaint handling for local authorities.Based on previous documents, the new guide offers practical,...
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