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LexisNexis, 14 JAN 2019

Brexit - ongoing Family Law coverage

Brexit - ongoing Family Law coverage
The most recent Brexit news and updates from Family Law, covering everything you need to know about the UK's exit from the EU and how it is impacting family law professionals. 

Opinion: The UK will be ready for a no deal Brexit in family law

What happens to pan-European child protection post Brexit?

David Salter: retirement interview part 2 - “Brexit presents enormous challenges.”

Blog: getting ready for Brexit

Relationships as seen in the eyes of the law

Law Society publishes no-deal Brexit guidance on family law

Coram Conference 2018: Family lawyers in the dark where Brexit will take them

Opinion - De Gafforj case: Another Missed Opportunity?

Preparing for Brexit: international recovery of maintenance 

Removing blame from divorce will make it easier for separating couples to achieve a settlement

EU matrimonial property regime regulation

Reflections on the state of family law

Government releases plans for family law in event of a “no-deal” Brexit

Brexit and international family law: a pragmatic approach to divorce and maintenance

Brexit puts women’s rights at risk

Mediation Matters: Relationship breakdown, Brexit and sensible pragmatism 

Brussels II, Brexit and beyond

Publication alert: Family Law June 2018

UK/EU Family law after Brexit: a speech to the European Parliament

Mediation Matters: How do we persuade more couples who attend an assessment meeting to undertake full mediation?

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Family Law Awards


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