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Evidence-led domestic abuse casesHM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (‘HMCPSI’) and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (‘HMICFRS’) have...
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Nowadays, with advances in technology, many things have been digitised, resulting in much less important paperwork. This is not however the case for wills which are still physical documents. It is...
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It is sometimes possible for the English Family Court to make a financial order where the divorce has taken place in another country, and even where that other country has already made a financial...
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A family case has recently been the subject of an unusual level of attention from the media, both legal and mainstream, much of it reflecting badly upon the family justice system. I thought I should...
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12 February 2020

Lady Hale: a judge & her law
None of my cases before Lady Hale had much to do with children, but that is the area where her deep understanding of the law will be most felt now that she has stepped down as president of the Supreme...
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Two years on from the start of the #MeToo movement, many of those involved in the often high profile harassment cases which came to light as a result are continuing to see repercussions. The ripple...
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As of 31st December 2019, it is now possible for both same-sex and heterosexual couples to enter into a civil partnership. The institution was initially devised solely for same-sex couples through the...
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Earlier this month a study exploring the emergence and development of parental alienation (‘PA’) in England and Wales was published in the Journal of Social Welfare and...
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31 January 2020

Alzheimer’s and divorce
Rachel Roberts, Stowe Family LawRachel Roberts, a Managing Partner at Stowe Family Law looks at issues that might arise where one party within divorce proceedings has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s....
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Margaret Parr, 7 Harrington Street ChambersPre-Proceedings is an area which merits closer scrutiny and improvements by all those involved in the family justice system to ensure that children of...
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