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I asked clients, colleagues and an IFA specialising in divorce what they thought a ‘good’ financial settlement looked like. The common thread in their answers was not, as you might expect,...
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Maria Scotland appeared for the appellant in the recently reported case of Re A (A CHILD) (supervised contact) (s91(14) Children Act 1989 orders) [2021] EWCA Civ 174. In this...
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For those who are struggling to conceive a child, the creation of an embryo using donated sperm could be lifechanging. As well as creating a baby, however, the procedure could create a whole host of...
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What is changing?HMCTS have had the divorce portal for some time now, being used by family lawyers and by people wanting to deal with the process directly. The change is that it will now become the...
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In recent years there have been calls for a change in the law to protect vulnerable adults from falling victim to what has become known as “predatory marriage”. This is due to a rise in...
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23 March 2020 will be etched in the mind of generations. It was the day which brought unprecedented change to the way the world worked, not least the operation of the justice system and access to...
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AbstractThe relationship between ‘rough sex’ and the criminal law has recently been subject to considerable scrutiny. Much of this debate has focused on male defendants in homicide cases,...
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The window of opportunity to submit evidence as part of the Government’s Dispute Resolution in England and Wales consultation has now passed, and I am sure that dozens of experts and interested...
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Christmas is an emotional time regardless of anyone’s family situation.Whilst some separated parents remain able to put their differences aside and spend Christmas Day as a family, it is more...
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Natasha Isaac, Barrister, 1 Crown Office RowThis article provides a review of private law vaccination disputes, almost one year on from our first article on the topic at the start of 2021. This...
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