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Louisa Gothard
Louisa Gothard
Senior Solicitor, Head of Family Law
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Sarah Hansen, PhD candidate, Queen’s University BelfastKeywords: Article 8 – post-adoption – contact – birth parents – adoption – siblingsThe full...
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Neville Harris and Gail Davidge, University of Manchester Keywords: Children – Rights – Participation – Special needs – Disabilities – Autonomy The full version...
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Dr Rita D'Alton-Harrison, University of LondonKeywords: International Surrogacy - Commercial Surrogacy - Parental Orders - Reasonable Expenses - Intended parents - Regulation The full version of this...
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Stephanie Pywell and Rebecca ProbertKey words: civil marriage – religious content – registration officersThe full version of this article will appear in Child and Family Law Quarterly, Vol 30, No...
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Samantha Arnold, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, EMN Ireland at Economic and Social Research Institute, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Trinity College DublinThe full version of this article will appear...
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Professor Rebecca Probert, Professor of Law, University of ExeterKey words: marriage - preliminaries - approved premises - prescribed words - registration - celebrantsThe full version of this article...
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Dr Laure Sauvé, School of Law, University of EssexKey words: matrimonial property agreements - needs - fairness - autonomy -French law - divorce - maintenance - judge’s discretionary powersThe full...
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Helen Fenwick, Professor of Law at Durham Law School, Durham UniversityAndy Hayward, Assistant Professor of Law at Durham Law School, Durham UniversityKeywords: civil partnerships - marriage -...
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Dr Alan Brown, Lecturer in Law, Abertay UniversityKeywords: Surrogacy - Parental Orders - Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 - Statutory InterpretationThe full version of this article will...
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Cynthia Grant Bowman, Dorothea S. Clarke, Professor of Law, Cornell Law SchoolThe full version of this article will appear in Child and Family Law Quarterly, Vol 29, No 2. Find out more or request a...
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