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Three in four family justice professionals say work-related pressures on the rise in lockdown

Date:11 NOV 2020
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Nearly 75% of family justice practitioners have reported work-related pressures increasing since the first national lockdown, as England enters the second week of new restrictions.

The early findings come after nearly a thousand professionals responded to a major wellbeing survey run by Resolution, the national family justice membership body. The huge response rate means it is one of the most widespread pieces of research into wellbeing in family justice, with a full report on its findings due to be published early in 2021.

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Resolution’s Chair, Juliet Harvey, said the initial response should serve as a wake-up call to everyone working in the profession:

“For some practitioners, new ways of working have bought improvements in terms of work-life balance, having more family time available and reduced commutes. But our survey shows that far more have seen work-related pressures increase since the first lockdown started.

“These initial findings show that all of us – employers and employees alike – need to take steps to look after each other and spread the word about resources that can help. News this week of a potential vaccine gives us hope, but the profession, and the country, still faces a long challenging winter."