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Thousands of Muslim marriages conducted in UK are not legal
Date:12 SEP 2014
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Aina Khan, Head of the Islamic Law Department at Duncan Lewis Solicitors appeared on BBC Inside Out West on 8 September 2014 as part of a documentary exploring the issue of 'thousands of British Muslim women discovering that their marriages are not legal'.

Reporter Charlotte Callen spoke to Aina in the Duncan Lewis Solicitors Chancery Lane London office. 

In the documentary Aina states to Charlotte Callen, 'I have found in my work, that more than 80% of Muslim marriages conducted in the UK are not registered, that is they are not legal under English law.'

Charlotte Callen 'discovers that the problem is directly related to the fact that 90% of mosques are not registered to perform marriages.'

Aina was also featured on BBC West on 9 September discussing unregistered Muslim marriages.

Aina Khan and Duncan Lewis will be launching a series of nationwide road shows in the coming months, as well as a unique survey to gather data on the number of Muslim marriages that are not registered under UK law.

Inside Out West featured on BBC One at 20:00 BST on Monday, 8 September. It is also available on BBC iPlayer. Access can be found by clicking here.

This news story originally appeared on the Duncan Lewis Solicitors website and has been reproduced here with permission of the copyright holder.
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