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The ‘behaviour’ petition in divorce – as seen in the therapist’s consulting room

Date:2 AUG 2018
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Counsellor & Family Consultant

In the context of Resolution’s and the Family Matters campaign for no fault divorce I hope to offer a perspective from my work as a couple therapist to show one aspect of the emotional fall-out that I see in my consulting room from the current system of fault based divorce. In particular I shall focus on the impact of the ‘behaviour’ petition which in the wake of the case of Owens v Owens [2018] UKSC 41 has of course found itself in the limelight.

Supporting separating couples

As a couple therapist an important aspect of my work is with couples and individuals who are contemplating or in the process of separating or getting divorced. Therapy helps to support these couples by giving them a space and forum in which to reflect and understand how they got to this point. This can help them both take responsibility for what has happened in the relationship and to help them understand the impact they have had on each other. If two...

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