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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Date:21 JAN 2020

With the world becoming ever smaller and people travelling to different countries to work study or live relocation applications and more specifically international relocation applications are becoming increasingly more prominent.  It could be the case of a separated parent wanting to return to their home country to benefit from the support of their extended family or a parent wanting to start afresh take a new job opportunity and start a new life abroad.  Whatever the circumstances the court has a difficult job balancing the competing interest of the parties and the child.

These cases are often very difficult for a judge to determine; there is no middle ground no negotiation it is a binary decision which will change not only the child’s life but the lives of both parents.  The left-behind parent will be less involved with that child’s life unable to attend plays sports day or parents’ evenings.  The parent seeking the relocation may be forced to put their plans on hold not take that job opportunity or remain in a foreign country with no family support.  Then there...

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