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Protocols for seeing families and using offices during COVID-19

Date:22 JUL 2020
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The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) has announced that it has published two new protocols setting out its approach to returning to in-person work with children and families and using Cafcass offices during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: Protocol for returning to in-person work with children and families, and Protocol for the use of Cafcass offices during the COVID-19 pandemic v1.
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The protocol on Cafcass's return to in-person work with children and families explains that it will be using both remote video technology and in-person visits to speak with children. Since March 2020, when the national lockdown began, Cafcass has worked with children and their families using remote video and telephone meetings and for some this has been the preferred form of contact with Cafcass. The guidance says that the judgement about whether in-person or remote work is in the best interest of the child will be made by the Family Court Adviser who will make sure that the rationale is understood by the child and their family or carer.​

Cafcass is to start opening 17 Cafcass offices from 27 July 2020 so that family court advisers can safely meet with children to understand their needs, wishes and feelings and to enable them to make recommendations to the family court.