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Over a third put off from divorce by COVID-19

Date:30 JUL 2020
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In spite of media speculation to the contrary, a national survey commissioned by divorce financing company Ampla Finance, and carried out by YouGov, has revealed that 34% of British adults would be less likely to begin divorce proceedings during the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey of 1,005 divorced adults, analysed in Ampla Finance’s report: ‘Divorce - can we improve the process?’, also highlights some interesting generational and regional differences in how satisfied individuals are with the divorce process and their solicitors.

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The survey examined several aspects of respondents’ experiences of divorce, and key findings included:

  • Family and friends are replacing legal aid: 41% of under-55s borrowed money from friends of family to finance their divorce, compared to 11% of over-55s, who were most likely to have been eligible for legal aid.
  • The perception is that solicitor fees are becoming less transparent: More than a third of under-55s said their divorce was more expensive than initially quoted, compared to 26% of over-55s. 
  • The younger demographic is moving away from their solicitor’s office to the web: only 20% of under 55s sort help from a legal adviser compared to 66% of over 55s.

 The survey revealed some interesting regional variances in terms of attitudes towards family lawyers:  

  • Londoners were shown to be the most fee-sensitive.
  • Those in the SE were the least happy with their initial consultations and felt additional support services should have been provided.
  • Wales stood out as the region where respondents had the strongest opinions about how their family lawyers could improve.
  • Scotland showed the highest overall satisfaction levels.

Louise Hall, Commercial Director at Ampla Finance, added:

“We are pleased to contribute to the conversation about divorce with this survey, and hope it will shine a light on how family lawyers can continue to adapt to changing customer preferences. It’s clear that finances are a huge concern for individuals going through divorce, so we’re proud to be offering a solution that takes some of the stress out of the process.”

Access the full survey here.