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Divorce centres: further update

Date:29 JUL 2015
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Journals Manager + Online Editor
Following on from the latest update, which focused on views expressed on social media about the implementation of the new Divorce Centres procedures, Tony Roe, Principal of Tony Roe Solicitors, shortlisted for the  Jordans Family Law Commentator of the Year Award, said:

'In the week commencing 20 July, the work of the Central Family Court was transferred to the divorce centre at Bury St Edmunds. HMCTS reports that it is issuing petitions within seven days of receipt. It says that the processing speed will increase throughout August and work will be processed within a maximum of five days by the end of the month.

As at 27 July, Bury St Edmunds had issued broadly 2,200 petitions that month. However, it returned between 20-25% due to errors in the applications . At the moment the weekly workload (excluding returns) is just over 600 petitions per week. Once all courts in London and the South East have moved their work to Bury St Edmunds, what HMCTS calls “ steady state”, the Divorce Centre is expected to receive just over 800 petitions per week.'
Tony’s piece on divorce centres features in August’s Family Law.

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