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Cafcass introduces new practice framework to support children and families

Date:17 SEP 2021
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The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) has announced the launch of a new practice framework for encouraging the development of relationships between children and their families. Cafcass says that the framework, named ‘Together with children and families’, emphasises ‘listening, understanding, clear reasoning, respect and integrity’, and was produced as the result of a collaboration between Cafcass staff and other partners, such as the Family Justice Young People’s Board, who have provided advice and feedback. A workbook has been made available for use by Cafcass Family Court Advisers, outlining the values on which it was produced, as well as strategies to build relationships and trust among children and families.
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Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts
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Family Court Practice, The
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The goal of the framework is to allow Cafcass to provide children and families involved in both private and public law proceedings with effective support, so that they can understand and comment on recommendations that Cafcass makes when reporting to the court.

Chief executive of Cafcass, Jacky Tiotto, said: 'We represent their experiences, wishes, feelings and hopes for the future to the family courts. Our understanding about their safety and welfare is fundamental to the recommendations we make, which on every occasion are life changing. It is both our privilege and responsibility to serve their very best interests all of the time. Our practice framework Together houses these ambitions and commitments and I hope has the effect of lifting every engagement and outcome for children to the level of the best everywhere.'

The Together workbook is available for download here.