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Family Procedure Rules 2010 Practice Directions - Full List

Sep 29, 2018, 17:41 PM
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FCP 2012The Family Court Practice 2012 contains all the essential materials and commentary you need to ensure you are fully equipped to comply with the new Family Procedure Rules, including:

- Full coverage of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 and the new Practice Directions, with detailed explanation and guidance
- Substantial updates to legislation and commentary to reflect changes under the new Family Procedure Rules

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Family Procedure Rules 2010 Practice Directions

AdvertThe new Family Procedure Rules 2010 Practice Directions establish a comprehensive modernised code of family procedure replacing a large body of unconsolidated rules, guidance and forms for different courts and different types of proceedings. The Rules come into force on the 6 April 2011.

The Practice Directions are available to download as Pdf documents by clicking on the links below.

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The Family Procedure Rules 2010

Family Procedure Rules 2010 Forms - Full List

Practice Direction - Practice Directions relating to Family Proceedings in force before 6th April 2011 which support the Family Procedure Rules 2010

Part 1 - Overriding Objective

Part 2 - Application and Interpretation of the Rules

Practice Direction 2A - Functions of the Court in the Family Procedure Rules 2010 and Practice Directions which may be Performed by a Single Justice of the Peace

Part 3 - Alternative Dispute Resolution: The Court's Powers

Practice Direction 3A - Pre-Application Protocol for Mediation Information

Family Mediation Information and Assessment Form FM1

Part 4 - General Case Management Powers

Practice Direction 4A - Striking Out a Statement of Case

Practice Direction 4B - Civil Restraint Orders

Part 5 - Forms and Start of Proceedings

Practice Direction 5A - Forms

Family Procedure Rules 2010 Forms - Full List

Part 6 - Service

Practice Direction 6A - Service within the Jurisdiction

Practice Direction 6B - Service out of the Jurisdiction

Practice Direction 6C - Disclosure of Addresses by Government Departments (amending PD of 13 February 1989)

Part 7 - Procedure for Applications in Matrimonial and Civil Partnership Proceedings

Practice Direction 7A - Procedure for Applications in Matrimonial and Civil

Practice Direction 7B - Medical Examinations on Applications for Annulment

Practice Direction 7C - Polygamous Marriages

Practice Direction 7D - Gender Recognition Act 2004

Part 8 - Procedure for Miscellaneous Applications

Part 9 - Applications for a Financial Remedy

Practice Direction 9A - Application for a Financial Remedy

Part 10 - Applications under Part 4 of the Family Law Act 1996

Practice Direction 10A - Part 4 of the Family Law Act 1996

Part 11 - Applications under Part 4A of the Family Law Act 1996

Part 12 - Proceedings Relating to Children Except Parental Order Proceedings and Proceedings for Applications in Adoption, Placement and Related Proceedings

Practice Direction 12A - Public Law Proceedings Guide to Case Management: April 2010

Practice Direction 12B - The Revised Private Law Programme

Practice Direction 12C - Service of Application in Certain Proceedings

Practice Direction 12D - Inherent Jurisdiction (Including Wardship)

Practice Direction 12E - Urgent Business

Practice Direction 12F - International Child Abduction

Practice Direction 12G - Communication of Information

Practice Direction 12H - Contribution Orders

Practice Direction 12I - Applications for Reporting Restriction Orders

Practice Direction 12J - Residence and Contact Orders: Domestic Violence and Harm

Practice Direction 12K - Children Act 1989: Exclusion Requirement

Practice Direction 12L - Children Act 1989: Risk Assessments under Section 16A

Practice Direction 12M - Family Assistance Orders: Consultation

Practice Direction 12N - Enforcement of Children Act 1989 Contact Orders: Disclosure of Information to Officers of the National Probation Service (High Court and County Court)

Practice Direction 12O - Arrival of Child in England by Air

Practice Direction 12P- Removal from Jurisdiction: Issue of Passports

Part 13 - Proceedings Under Section 54 of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008

Part 14 - Procedure for Applications in Adoption, Placement and Related Proceedings

Practice Direction 14A - Who Receives a Copy of the Application Form for Orders in Proceedings

Practice Direction 14B - The First Directions Hearing - Adoptions with a Foreign Element

Practice Direction 14C - Reports by the Adoption Agency or Local Authority

Practice Direction 14D - Reports by a Registered Medical Practitioner ("Health Reports")

Practice Direction 14E - Communication of Information Relating to Proceedings

Practice Direction 14F - Disclosing Information to an Adopted Adult

Part 15 - Representation of Protected Parties

Practice Direction 15A - Protected Parties

Part 16 - Representation of Children and Reports in Proceedings Involving Children

Practice Direction 16A - Representation of Children

Part 17 - Statements of Truth

Practice Direction 17A - Statements of Truth

Part 18 - Procedure for other Applications in Proceedings

Practice Direction 18A - Other Applications in Proceedings

Part 19 - Alternative Procedure for Applications

Practice Direction 19A - Alternative Procedure for Applications

Part 20 - Interim Remedies and Security for Costs

Practice Direction 20A - Interim Remedies

Part 21 - Miscellaneous Rules about Disclosure and Inspection of Documents

Practice Direction 21A - Disclosure and Inspection

Part 22 - Evidence

Practice Direction 22A - Written Evidence

Part 23 - Miscellaneous Rules about Evidence

Part 24 - Witnesses, Depositions Generally and taking of Evidence in Member States of the European Union

Practice Direction 24A - Witnesses, Depositions and Taking of Evidence in Member States of the European Union

Part 25 - Experts and Assessors

Practice Direction 25A - Experts and Assessors in Family Proceedings

Part 26 - Change of Solicitor

Practice Direction 26A - Change of Solicitor

Part 27 - Hearings and Directions Appointments

Practice Direction 27A - Family Proceedings: Court Bundles (Universal Practice to be applied in All Courts other than the Family Proceedings Court)

Practice Direction 27B - Attendance of Media Representatives at Hearings in Family Proceedings (High Court and County Courts)

Practice Direction 27C - Attendance of Media Representatives at Hearings in Family Proceedings (Family Proceedings Court)

Part 28 - Costs

Practice Direction 28A - Costs

Part 29 - Miscellaneous

Practice Direction 29A - Human Rights, Joining the Crown

Practice Direction 29B - Human Rights Act 1998

Part 30 - Appeals

Practice Direction 30A - Appeals

Part 31 - Registration of Orders under the Council Regulation, the Civil Partnership (Jurisdiction and Recognition of Judgments) Regulations 2005 and under the Hague Convention 1996

Practice Direction 31A - Registration of orders under the Council Regulation, the Civil Partnership (Jurisdiction and Recognition of Judgments) Regulations 2005 and under the 1996 Hague Convention

Part 32 - Registration and Enforcement of Orders

Part 33 - Enforcement

Practice Direction 33A - Enforcement of Undertakings

Part 34 - Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders

Practice Direction 34A - Reciprocal Enforcements of Maintenance Orders

Practice Direction 34B - Practice Note (Tracing Payers Overseas)

Practice Direction 34C - Applications for Recognition and Enforcement To or From European Union Member States

Part 35 - Mediation Directive

Practice Direction 35A - Mediation Directive

Part 36 - Transitional Arrangements and Pilot Schemes

Practice Direction 36A - Transitional Arrangements

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