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President’s Guidance on Allocation and Gatekeeping for Care, Supervision and other Part 4 proceedings

Date:1 JUL 2013

This Guidance is issued by the President of the Family Division and applies to allcare, supervision and other Part 4 proceedings commencing from the relevant startdate as defined in Practice Direction 36C1 paragraph 2.

This Guidance applies to the allocation of all relevant proceedings to:

(a) magistrates, with assistant Justices' Clerks (referred to in this Guidance as legaladvisers) acting as case managers in the Family Proceedings Court; or

(b) District Judges (Magistrates' Courts) in the Family Proceedings Court; or

(c) Judges in a County Court or the High Court,until the allocation procedures for the single Family Court come into force in 2014.

The purpose of the Guidance is to ensure that all new care, supervision and other Part4 proceedings are allocated to the appropriate level of judge and, where appropriate,to a named case management judge (or case manager in the Family ProceedingsCourt) who shall provide continuity for the proceedings in accordance with thePresident's Guidance on Judicial Continuity and Deployment.