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Family Procedures Rules 2010 - Practice Direction - Practice Directions relating to Family Proceedings in force before 6th April 2011 which support the Family Procedure Rules 2010

Date:16 MAR 2011

Introduction and the Existing Practice Directions

1.1 The Family Procedure Rules 2010 ("the FPR 2010") come into force on 6th April 2011.The purpose of this practice direction is to inform court users of the practice directions relating (only) to family proceedings which date from before 6th April 2011 ("existing Practice Directions") but will continue to apply after that date.

1.2 The table in the Annex to this practice direction lists those existing Practice Directions which will continue to apply. The listed existing Practice Directions will apply to family proceedings on and after 6th April 2011 -

(a) with the modifications outlined in the Annex (in particular that the numbering of the existing Practice Directions will be as set out in column one of the table in the Annex) and any other modifications necessary in consequence of the FPR 2010 coming into force; and

(b) subject to the FPR 2010 and any other practice directions supporting those rules.