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Why the UK's biggest divorce award is good news for stay-at-home mothers everywhere

Date:15 MAY 2017
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Katie O'Callaghan Boodle Hatfield
It is Britain's biggest ever divorce award. A High Court judge has told a City banker to hand over £453 million to his estranged wife.

The couple who cannot be identified followed the blueprint of so many big-money divorce cases that reach the courts.

The 44-year-old wife had spent their 20-year-plus marriage at home bringing up the couple’s two children. She argued that she was due nearly a half-share of the couple’s £1 billion fortune because of her 'equal contributions to the welfare of the family'.

The 61-year-old husband claimed to have showered his wife with jewellery credit cards and access to a private plane yacht and helicopter. He added that he was rich before the marriage and that he had made a 'special contribution' to the creation of wealth.

The judge disagreed and awarded the wife 41.5 per cent of the 'total marital assets' including their £90m art collection and £350 000 Aston Martin.

We mere mortals may not be able to identify with the huge sums involved here. But it is a vitally important case. This verdict...

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