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What price good child care? – Ms Wyatt and Mrs Wright ask

Date:13 MAR 2015
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One thing is certain. You cannot rely on the tabloids (or some of the broadsheets) to gain an understanding of the impact of financial remedy decisions in the appellate courts. News articles in respect of Vince v Wyatt [2015] UKSC 14 told us: ‘Legal experts said the ruling could open floodgates for claims by long-divorced ex-spouses seeking a share of their former partner’s earnings.’ (Evening Standard) and ‘A hippy whose ex-husband became a millionaire businessman years after they parted has won a cash fight which could open the floodgates for thousands more claims.’(Daily Mirror) Of Wright v Wright [2015] EWCA Civ 201 they printed ‘Divorced wife told to get a job and stop living off her ex-husband’ (Daily Telegraph) and ‘Judge tells ex-wife of millionaire horse surgeon: 'go out to work’ (Guardian). However on reading the judgments it is clear that the facts of Vince v Wyatt will quite possibly never be replicated so it’s a bit soon to reach for sandbags and...

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