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What is it really like working as a family lawyer in a lockdown?

Date:16 OCT 2020

Busy!  It actually has not stopped!  I have envied friends and family who posted on social media of their latest hobbies – whether this is baking long walks yoga or watercolours as I feel all I have done is work.  

When we were first told that the offices would be closing what first struck me was sheer panic.  I wondered how I would possibly run my busy caseload and deal with the 9 hearings I had in the diary over the next 6 weeks from home. 

Luckily in January 2019 at the Stowe Family Law office in London Victoria we decided to be as paper-free as possible.  Being 100% paper-free in family law is never an option due to original court orders and signed documents. However I decided to stop printing everything corresponded where possible by email and ensured that every piece of paper was scanned onto our case management system.  We reached the stage where we could describe ourselves as ‘paper-light’.  

Looking back I am SO grateful we did as even though I found the initial transition stressful I cannot imagine how I would have coped if I had not...

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