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What do perpetrators of domestic abuse look like: a discussion

Date:15 APR 2024
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Kirsty Richards Director and Head of Family National Legal Service

What do perpetrators of domestic abuse look like? To truly make progress in helping victims of domestic abuse we need to understand that perpetrators can be the person that is otherwise outwardly presenting as completely and utterly charming; they may have positions of authority in their job or the local community; they may have jobs that brings with it a lot of power. To understand who perpetrators can be will bring hope that the constant victim shaming and victim blaming will end. In most situations of abuse to get close to a victim there is an element of adults around the victim being manipulated and groomed themselves. Something that those adults don’t then want to admit. But it happens. We are seeing campaigns striving for people to better understand what domestic abuse is; but still those attacks that leave no visible mark are hard for most people to understand or even believe occurred as to believe the victim would mean that the world we are living in is really quite deprave and dangerous and denial is...

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