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What do clients with disabilities want from a family law firm or chambers?

Date:1 SEP 2022

The simple answer is that disabled clients want the same as non-disabled clients. What do all our clients want?

  1. To be able to access services in person.

  2. To be able to access services online.

  3. To be able to understand you in person and online.

  4. To be able to access your building.

  5. be able to use your building's amenities with ease.

  6. To be able to access your online resources.

  7. For you to be able to listen and understand them.

  8. Excellent customer service (impossible unless 1 – 7 are extant) involves:

  • Keeping clients informed.
  • To know the likely legal outcome in their circumstances.
  • Knowing their objectives and want they want to achieve.
  • Avoiding the use of legal jargon and focussing on how to help.
  • Being able to get hold of you as their professional (not a junior unless that's who they've instructed.)
  • Being kept abreast of their costs and likely costs (to be updated)
  • Making sure the client knows how long things will take (to be updated).
  • That you will do what you say when you said you'd do it.
  • The list goes on . . ..

And you will have your own demanding additional list to make sure that you are the best family lawyer you can be.


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