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We need to talk about the children

Date:3 JUN 2016
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One of the hardest things for parents following separation is continuing the conversation about what their children need in order to keep channels of communication open and to continue to parent as part of an effective working relationship. For many couples the hurt and breakdown of trust associated with the end of their personal relationship is a significant barrier that makes it difficult to do this. While this can become less hard as time passes it is also easy to become complacent in the patterns that have been built up following separation.

A timely reassessment after the dust of the initial separation settles is a valuable tool in making sure that arrangements made for the children are still the right ones and enable both parents to think through whether anything needs to change. Investing in a parenting course such as those run by Tavistock Relationships or Resolution can be beneficial in sparking further evaluation of how the children are coping with the changes in their lives as well as assisting parents in assessing how their relationship with each other is...

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