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VV v VV - Just five months of marriage and the most expensive train ticket ever?

Date:21 JUN 2022

Their eyes met across a crowded Eurostar carriage.... He was a US tech entrepreneur. She was a bohemian Scandinavian composer. Within the year, permission had been sought from the bride's father to marry and engagement followed soon after in Italy with the gift of a £125,000 engagement ring. He gave up his rental property on the West Coast of America, she her London flat, and they moved into a property in Kensington together just prior to the wedding. 

Fast forward two years. Instead of celebrating more than 2 years of wedded bliss, the couple have just received judgment from Peel J in their alliterative case of VV v VV [2022] EWFC 41. The marriage lasted a mere 5 months, having faltered almost immediately.  During the litigation that followed they accrued costs in excess of £1.2m and, as if all that wasn't bad enough, the husband experienced financial losses, estimated to be many tens of millions of dollars, as a result of the wife's conduct

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