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¡Viva El Loro!

Date:22 OCT 2014
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The Hon Mr Justice Mostyn

This article is based on an address to Jordans Annual Family Law Conference London October 2014.

It is a great honour to be addressing you today an honour that is enhanced when I reflect that I follow in the footsteps of that behemoth in the field of family law Sir Paul Coleridge.

His address last year was entitled 'Lobbing A Few Pebbles In The Pond: The Funeral Of A Dead Parrot' ( [2014] Fam Law 168) which is an interesting mixed metaphor even if it lacks the intricacies of those habitually peddled by Sir Peter Singer. I cannot resist however repeating this gem of Sir Paul's: 'the days of the gladiatorial wars of the titans are over. The dinosaurs have had their day'. I have done some research into the practices of the ancients but...

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