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Female Genital Mutilation: Law and Practice

Date:19 OCT 2018
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The below is an extract from Zimran Samuel's forthcoming book Female Genital Mutilation: Law and Practice  due to be published in late March 2017. The book contains the latest case-law practice and procedure in relation to FGM.

Dexter Dias QC  Garden Court Chambers London

Opening Comment: Countering the Catastrophe

I feel enormously privileged to have been invited by Zimran Samuel to contribute to the prefatory remarks of this crucial book. However it would be a serious omission if I did not record at the very outset that Zimran has worked tirelessly over the last few years to protect young women and girls from the scourge that is FGM.
By his campaigning policy work and expert advocacy in court painstakingly fighting for the rights of young women and girls to enjoy what the rest of us take for granted – the right to bodily integrity – he has significantly reduced the sum of human suffering within affected communities in the United Kingdom. Therefore his work and his book have to be situated within that broader struggle...

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