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Two into one: does it go?

Date:28 SEP 2022
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Caroline Bowden  Consultant at Anthony Gold Solicitors

The family law world is buzzing with the talk of lawyers working in a new way as a neutral seeing both separating individuals together.  Can it be done and if so when should it be done? 

The article sets out what sort of role and with what sort of individuals this model may or may not work.  There needs to be very careful filtering out of the people who are not suited as there are many factors which would cause an imbalance within the process.  How will this be achieved and monitored?  How can lawyers guarantee that clients are not unsafe or insufficiently supported?  If this role begins to look like mediation-lite the lawyer should refer on or mediate instead.

In financial matters the sole focus of the article the ‘uncoupling’ couple no longer have any common interests.  How then could a neutral lawyer advise them both: what will work for one is likely to disadvantage the other?  The article argues that any advice-giving would be in breach of...

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