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Travelling home with your baby after surrogacy abroad – the options

Date:18 MAY 2018
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Your most pressing concern if you have a baby born through international surrogacy may be how quickly you can get home after he or she is born. This is often the first question we get asked when advising parents planning overseas surrogacy.

UK immigration law in surrogacy cases is complex because there is no clear single process which applies to everyone, everywhere. There are number of different possible paths and which is the best one for you will depend on your personal circumstances and the country in which your baby is born.

Travelling home to the UK with a baby born through surrogacy in the US or Canada
If your child is born in the US then he or she will be a US citizen – you only have to be born in the US to be American. That means your baby will be entitled to a US passport and you can usually obtain one within a couple of weeks of the birth.

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