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Travelling abroad with children after separation – is permission needed?

Date:24 JUL 2018
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Getting away on holiday with children is hard enough; following separation there may be an additional complication and it will need early attention.

My family has had to make use of the 'PMT' mnemonic to ensure passports currency and tickets are safely packed prior to leaving home. But now it is 'PMTP'. After parents have separated many WILL need the permission of the other parent to take their children abroad and will need to have that permission properly documented. They will need this:
  • either as a matter of law (a relative rarity); or
  • as a matter of practicality.
Parents should check with the relevant Embassy before travelling to see if a formal consent to travel is required or recommended. A formal consent to travel is widely required for example in South Africa Portugal and Russia.

Avoiding child abduction is driving Governments around the world to impose ever stricter controls on the movement of children even when they are travelling with a parent. This is even more likely to crop up where your surname and the child’s are different … and we still find that men travelling with children abroad...

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