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Top tips for ‘silver splitters’ and those remarrying in later years

Date:5 APR 2018

Divorce amongst the over-60s often referred to as the 'silver' or 'grey' divorces are on the increase according to recent data from the Office for National Statistics. Reasons cited for the dramatic increase in divorces later in life include longer life expectancy greater financial independence of women reduced stigma surrounding divorce and greater presence of retirees on social media and online dating sites.

Letting go of the life you’ve built and lived together for often over 40 or 50 years can be fraught with anxiety and uncertainty and you may question how you will survive such a profound change in your life. You may even question whether the stress and complexity of a divorce is worth ending an unhappy relationship.

On the other hand contrary to the general trend in declining numbers of couples tying the knot the marriage rate for the over 65s has increased by 40-50% according to ONS statistics – so the growth in silver divorces appear to go hand in hand with people re-marrying later in life too.

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