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This lawyer's life: lawyers are us

Date:10 OCT 2016
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Everyone hates lawyers - until they need one.

It’s hard to think of a profession as romanticized as it is vilified as the law. In countless books and films the lawyer is the last bastion of truth and justice. The saver of lives condemned to the gallows. The professional who can change hearts minds and laws.
So powerful is the image that in a poll of actual American lawyers Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird was named the greatest lawyer of all time. And by the American film institute as the greatest American hero in cinema.

That said try selling Atticus Finch to an audience more used to Danny De Vito in The War of the Roses and lawyers as greasy rapacious slime-balls living off others’ misery or cold hearted ambulance chasers in American cop programmes.

Then again I once saw a survey in a newspaper which named lawyers as the second sexiest professionals. Politicians came top in the poll but I’m sure participants in the survey were thinking JFK not one of the gingery bores at Westminster.

It's interesting to me how American and British TV...

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