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This lawyer's life: to ask or not ask is the question

Date:20 JAN 2016
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Mrs Justice Parker and Tom Hardy probably don't have much in common. To my knowledge Parker J has never played Ronnie and Reggie Kray in a film and Hardy has never sat in the High Court. However they both like a succinct question. Parker J famously asks advocates to keep their questions short and to the point. And Hardy recently called out a  reporter for not only asking an intrusive question about his sexuality but for doing so in the most convoluted way so that it made no sense.

Language has been on my mind recently. As I said in my last column we're  currently in the middle of  'awards season' and I'm attending various events in the evenings after court.

I don't know if you can get concussion from words but questions from  journalists on the red carpet can knock me out. Most of you will be familiar with that inane red carpet query 'And who are you wearing'?


Is Cate Blanchett draped in another human being?

Occasionally the question becomes 'And who dressed you?' To this enquiry George Clooney famously quipped 'I'm a 45 year old man I managed to dress...

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