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This lawyer's life: single column, double life

Date:8 JAN 2016
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Sometimes when I'm on the red carpet at a film premiere I think that my life is really quite glamorous. Then I remember that I've got a case in Luton Family Court the next morning and I absolutely know it is.

I once pitched an idea to an agent about a family law barrister who moonlights as an entertainment journalist. Significant harm by day magnificent charm by night you might say. She said no one would buy the concept.

Truth as they say is stranger than fiction.

I ended 2015 like every family law practitioner on my knees pleading to the legal gods for just one day out of court one evening without three lever arch files to plough through one weekend with more than a couple of hours free in which to squeeze what is called 'a life.'

'Remind me again why we chose this career?' I asked a colleague at 10pm one evening as we sat in chambers typing position statements for hearings the next morning while normal people attended carols concerts by candlelight and stuffed their faces with mince pies.


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