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This lawyer's life: ping goes the practice

Date:20 SEP 2016
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Ah. Email. The greatest invention for lawyers. Ping and you can exchange positions statements at 2am. Ping and you can get that 150-page expert's report on your phone to read while you're on the train eating the breakfast you didn't have time for at home. Multi-tasking; using your time effectively. It's what a busy practice is all about. Ping and you can look an irate judge in the eye and smugly say 'Your honour/My lord the skeleton argument was sent. I emailed it myself at four o'clock this morning. I have a "sent" record here. So there!'

The speed the ability to be accessible 24/7 that email allows. It's fabulous ... Except it isn't.

If you're exchanging documents in the early hours of the morning you're not using your time effectively. Night time is sleep time. It's when you're supposed to rest and recuperate from the day that has passed and rejuvenate for the one ahead. Sleep is essential for maintaining normal levels of cognitive skills such as speech memory innovative and flexible thinking: all vital assets for a lawyer. Sustained sleep...

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