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The use of testing for drugs and alcohol in FDAC

Date:9 JAN 2018
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Kelli Shackleton Senior Practitioner and Substance Misuse Worker and Vicki Ellis Advanced Practitioner and Team Manager SWIFT/FDAC East Sussex

This tenth blog about FDAC focuses on the use of drug and alcohol tests in FDAC. All FDAC specialist teams include substance misuse workers working alongside social work colleagues. The initial parenting assessment which takes place within two or three weeks of the first hearing in the FDAC court is carried out jointly by a social worker and a substance misuse worker. The social worker focuses on issues of parenting and the substance misuse worker on the nature of the substance misuse – history substances misused and the extent of the problem. The assessment forms the basis for the team  formulation and development of the implementation plan which happens the following week. If the parent signs up to FDAC at the second court hearing they will have a keyworker from the FDAC team who may be a social worker or a substance misuse worker. Parents meet their keyworker at least once a week while the case is in proceedings.

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