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The rise of private FDRs

Date:30 JUL 2018
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Barrister, arbitrator and mediator

Sir James Munby’s parting shot.

In his last interview for the Family Law Bar Association’s Family Affairs magazine Sir James Munby ruminated that 'I should have liked to do more on the money front'. In the same interview when pondering his next steps he makes clear 'I’m not – and I tempt the fates by saying this – I am not going off to become a private family mediator. I am not going to do private FDRs'.

Late afternoon on the 27 July 2018 after all the fanfare of Sir James’ valedictory yet another circular from the President appeared on the wires. Innocuously named 'President’s Circular: Financial Remedies Court Pilot Phase 2' it deals with the further roll out of a specialised money court. Of more immediate note is a section entitled 'Private FDRs' in which Sir James expressly endorses the growing practice of the private financial dispute resolution appointment.

He states:

'A private FDR is a simple concept. The parties pay for a financial remedy specialist to act as a private FDR judge. That person may be a solicitor barrister or retired judge. No...

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