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The relinquishment of twins for adoption – a mother’s right to privacy

Date:17 DEC 2023
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Mary Welstead Visiting Professor in Family Law University of Buckingham

In R & S it was held that a mother’s relinquishment of her twin babies for adoption could remain a secret from her family. Based on the principles inRe A & Others [2020] EWCA Civ 41 the judge acknowledged that there was no single test to determine the issue of a mother’s wish for anonymity. All the relevant factors had to be taken into account and secrecy should only be maintained for very convincing reasons.

The judiciary and other decision makers about the future of a child have tended to accept that kinship care for children is better than adoption. There are however no statutory provisions regulations rules and only very limited research to justify this view. HHJ Cobb one of the advocates of kinship care has stated that a child would benefit from knowing that his extended family were aware of his existence and had been given the opportunity to care for him. Although he might feel abandoned if they were unable or unwilling to...

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