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The private FDR – a continuing evolution

Date:24 FEB 2022
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Tom Carter Family Law Barrister Evaluator and Arbitrator at 1 Hare Court
Robert Williams Managing Director Evaluator and Arbitrator at Family Law Partners


From their formal judicial introduction in 2018 by the then President Munby J to their most recent endorsement by Mostyn J and HHJ Hess’s in January 2022’s Efficiency Statement private financial dispute resolution appointments are increasingly being used as a way to break the deadlock in resolving financial cases. The family court is under intolerable pressure compounded by the additional challenges the pandemic has brought to the family justice system.  The negative impact delay has on legal costs and the potentially detrimental emotional impact it can have on parties and the wider family has accelerated the family law communities need to embrace innovative ways of working.  Momentum is building to focus on alternatives to court with clients demanding more efficient and focussed ways to resolve matters in a cost proportionate way. With highly skilled family law specialists from both sides of the profession offering private FDRs in cases of all shapes and sizes barrister Tom Carter...

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