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Edward Bennett
Edward Bennett
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The LSC: working in partnership?
Date:9 JUL 2007

Neil Robinson, Resolution Solicitor and Mediator, Member of the Board of the Family Mediators Association and Beverley Sayers, Mediator Representative on the Family Justice Council. If mediators, family solicitors, council, CAFCASS and the judiciary are all in favour of mediation in difficult cases, what is standing in the way of the Government, CAFCASS and the LSC coming together and providing funding for successful mediation models? While leading bodies are seeking amendments to the Family Proceedings Rules (FPR) so that parties are required to mediate before the issue of s 8 proceedings, the current legal aid crisis and a general lack of joined-up thinking are hampering this drive and jeopardising the place of mediation in family proceedings. Where exactly does mediation fit into the current LSC proposals and what difficulties need to be overcome? For a full analysis, a review of the available mediation skills training and a prognosis for mediation within the legal system and under the new Ministry of Justice, see July [2007] Fam Law.