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The importance of obtaining a recognised Jewish get when Jewish couples divorce and how the courts can help

Date:27 MAY 2020
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Lucy Greenwood and Feriha Tayfur, The International Family Law Group LLP

Whilst there has been a lot of discussion around the recognition of religious marriages following the recent Court of Appeal case of Akhter v Khan and another, serious issues and implications can also arise in respect of the recognition of religious divorces. Perhaps the most common of which we come across in our work relates to a Jewish divorce or ‘Get’. 

This article focuses on Jewish divorces and identifies the issues and potential solutions available to family law practitioners and clients who need to ensure that a Jewish client obtains both a civil and a religious (Jewish) divorce via a ‘Beth Din’ (Jewish Court) which is authorised to give them. It also highlights the limitations of the use of s 10A Matrimonial Cause Act 1973 for other religions.

The full article will be published in the June issue of Family Law

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