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The different methods of Islamic separation – Part 2: The different types of Talaq

Date:3 JUL 2015
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In my last article I briefly mentioned the four main methods of separation in Islam. They are:

  • Granting of Divorce by the Husband – Talaq

  • Separation by way of consent between the parties – Khula

  • Dissolution of Marriage – Faskh-e-Nikah

  • When the power of Talaq is transferred to the Wife – Tafweedh-e-Talaq

In this article I focus on the first type of separation mentioned above and certainly the most well-known out of the four Talaq.

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Talaq is the unilateral right of the man to divorce his wife. He can do this either verbally or in writing. That much is common knowledge. What isn’t however is that there are actually three different types of Talaq. The type of Talaq...

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