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The Children and Vulnerable Witnesses Working Group – Essential Update

Date:13 AUG 2014
The President’s12th 'View from the President’s Chambers' published on 4 June 2014 introduced two working groups which were to produce their interim reports by 31 July 2014; the Children and Vulnerable Witness Working Group and the Financial Remedies Working Group (who are working on the new Money Arrangements Programme - the MAP). Those reports have now been released and contain a lot of reading for the family practitioner. There is a wealth of content and we are producing essential updates designed to give family law professionals a neat summary of the need-to-know points.

In a nutshell

The President’s 12th View set out three main aims for the Children and Vulnerable Witnesses Working Group headed by Hayden J and Russell J. The Working Group has now published an interim report a summary of which is set out below.


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