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The case M v F: Defective child arrangements order set aside

Date:1 MAY 2020

The case M v F: For reasons that will soon become apparent I shall start this post with a very brief outline of the procedure on an application for a child arrangements order.


Once the application has been made the court will fix a first hearing known as a ‘First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment’ or FHDRA. At the FHDRA the court will encourage the parties to resolve the matter by agreement. If a full agreement is reached then the court can make a final order concluding the proceedings. If no agreement can be reached then the court will give directions as to what should happen next. If there still appears a chance that agreement will be reached a ‘Dispute Resolution Appointment’ will be fixed. Otherwise the case will proceed to a final hearing at which the court will hear the evidence and make a final order.

Right to the case I want to discuss. It is the case M v F an appeal by a mother against a child arrangements order.

The background to the case M v F was briefly as follows.

The parties were...

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