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The (mis)use of technology in separation and divorce

Date:5 SEP 2023
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Hannah Gumbrill-Ward Associate Solicitor Family Law Partners

As technology permeates our lives and in a world where there are now more mobile phones than people understanding how technology can be used against us particularly in the context of a separation and divorce is imperative.

This article highlights the safety issues family law practitioners must address to protect their clients. It also explores how technology can be misused on the breakdown of a relationship from unauthorised access of personal information to manipulation of digital communication.

The article also addresses the darker side of technology misuse including stalking facilitated by devices like the AirTag. It emphasises the need for awareness and protective measures such as logging out of accounts practicing caution on social media and installing mobile anti-virus software.

With billions of internet users and interconnected devices technology is deeply intertwined in our daily lives. However its misuse accompanies its advancements. Understanding technology attending educational seminars and seeking expert advice are therefore crucial steps to take to enable practitioners to be able to identify signs of abuse and adequately safeguard their clients.

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