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Ten practical steps for separating in the New Year

Date:5 JAN 2016
January is a time for new beginnings and once the children are back at school and the fairy lights have been packed away there is a notable increase in the number of people calling time on a relationship or marriage that has run its course. Picking up a phone to a family lawyer can be an intimidating prospect so what practical steps can you take to gain some control of the situation if you have decided to separate?

1. What about the children?

Deciding when and what to tell the children is often a thorny subject so start by thinking practically. This is one of the biggest changes that will happen in their lives. Research how you can help them through it and how best to support them. Resolution Gingerbread and Relate are useful sources of information.

2. Think about practical arrangements for the children

If you will be continuing to live together for the immediate future think about how you can both be involved in the children's lives. Perhaps thnk about carving out time for the children to spend with each...

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