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Talaq, Khula, Faskh and Tafweedh: The different methods of Islamic separation - Part 1

Date:10 NOV 2014
A lot of my Muslim clients tell me about how they have separated from an Islamic point of view. It is the view amongst Muslims all over the world that when they marry they should first marry in the eyes of God and if there is a separate civil registry to be performed then that can be done at a later date. This is sometimes put off indefinitely as the couple are quite often of the view that they have performed the main ceremony the Islamic Nikah ceremony. This is especially true of Muslims in Britain previously discussed in my article ‘The Big Islamic Nikah Myth’.

So when Muslims separate a similar mindset operates and they are of the view that the Islamic separation must be done as soon as possible so that they are no longer married in the eyes of God. Unfortunately this is where the problems begin. Divorce (Talaq) in Islam is permissible however due to the cultural traditions of the Muslims in the UK (a big majority hailing from the Asian sub-continent) it is still very much...

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