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Tackling financial disclosures

Date:3 MAY 2016
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Gathering together the financial documents needed to provide full financial disclosure on divorce is a daunting procedure whether you are using mediation negotiating via solicitors or going through the court process to work out a financial settlement. It is always sensible to be as comprehensive as possible which will ultimately avoid both time and money being spent on providing additional information later on. This can however make the task seem even more overwhelming - so how can parties break this down and make it more manageable?

1. Start early

As discussed in my January article on tips for making the separation process easier it is sensible to start early so that you can work out what information you have to hand and what information you are going to need to obtain from third parties. It can often take time to obtain information about for example occupational pension schemes or your state pension entitlement so put these requests for information near the top of your list and tick them off at an early stage.

It is sensible to think about the nature of...

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