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Surrogacy amidst the Ukraine conflict

Date:26 JUL 2022
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Sarah Pinder Goldsmiths Chambers

International surrogacy arrangements are complex enough with not only the ‘host’ country’s laws and procedures to grapple with in order to ensure that any such arrangement is lawful in the host country but it is also necessary to comply with UK immigration and family law requirements if the child is then to enter the UK lawfully and be provided for thereafter in terms of both parentage and nationality and/or immigration rights. And so these matters very tragically reach new heights of complexity when they are to be wrestled with in the context of the Ukraine conflict.

For some time Ukraine has been a popular destination for surrogacy purposes.  In this article Sarah Pinder provides a comprehensive overview of what surrogacy entails when it comes to British immigration and nationality laws.  Sarah also addresses the particular difficulties that the conflict in Ukraine has raised what policy solutions have been announced so far and how these may not be sufficient. 

The full article will be published in the August issue of Family Law



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