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Supporting parents with learning difficulties in care proceedings, Part Three– the final hearing challenge

Date:22 JAN 2024
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Reagan Persaud Barrister Spire Barristers

This article is the third and final installment in a three-part series. Previously guidance was provided about working with parents with learning difficulties/disabilities in the early stages of care proceedings and during the assessment process. Practitioners were reminded of relevant case law and how it applies to social worker assessments and teaching for parents. The final part of this series considers how to challenge negative assessments of parents with learning difficulties/disabilities given the case law and tools already identified in the earlier articles. Practitioners will be guided on what documents should be requested from the local authority prior to the final hearing and their relevance for any contested hearing. The issue of support for parents will be re-visited to identify any gaps in assessments and recommendations made by professionals. The importance of new assessments to promote fairness is also reflected upon should gaps be identified during the final hearing challenge.

The full article has published in the January issue of Family Law



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