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Supporting parents with learning difficulties in care proceedings: Part one –good practice in the first few weeks of proceedings

Date:15 OCT 2023
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Reagan Persaud, Barrister, Spire

This article is the first of a three-part series which will explore how learning difficulties and disabilities can affect parents in care cases. The series will explore what practitioners should do to support parents to give them their best chances of showing that they can care for their children, and what expectations there are on social care to ensure that such families receive holistic support prior to any planning for the children’s future outside of the family.

In the first of this series, this article will explore what practitioners should be focussing on when care cases of this nature are issued – highlighting what good practice can look like in the first few weeks of the case, including considering issues such as types of assessments, contact and the often competing pressures of the 26 week PLO regime.

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