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Summary of family proceedings priorities during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Date:7 APR 2020
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HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has published a summary of family business priorities previously agreed with the President of the Family Division during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The summary lists ‘work that must be done’ in the Family Court and Court of Protection. The summary also lists ‘work that will be done’ and ‘work that we will do our best to do’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

'Work that must be done' in the Family Court includes:

•emergency protection orders

• interim care orders

• renewal of interim care order

• secure accommodation order

• deprivation of liberty authorisation

• urgent applications

• child Abduction Orders (including Tipstaff Orders)

• domestic Abuse (Family Law Act) Injunctions

• female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriage Protection Orders

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• divorce—urgent applications and decrees absolute

'Work that must be done' in the Court of Protection includes:

• urgent applications

• serious medical treatment cases

• deprivation of Liberty

• form COP1 Statutory Wills – where person is near end of life

• safeguarding applications via the Office of the Public Guardians


‘Work that will be done’ includes:

• gatekeeping and allocation referrals—care

• gatekeeping and allocation referrals—private

• other family care orders/documents/emails

• Court of Protection—welfare cases


‘Work that we will do our best to do’ includes:

• other family private law orders/documents/emails

• adoption orders

• divorce

• financial remedy

• Court of Protection—property and affairs

• probate

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