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Statistics on divorce rates and vulnerability of women

Date:6 NOV 2019

According to figures from the Ministry of Justice there were 92 361 divorces finalised in 2018 a reduction from 103 366 the previous year. This figure is according to data published by the Office of National Statistics the lowest in almost 50 years. Reports show that the number of divorces per annum has remained above 100 000 since the early 1970s when there were 74 437 divorces finalised.

The liberalisation of divorce laws in 1969 is most likely accountable for the sudden increase in divorces in that era whereas changes in social attitudes and an increase in couples choosing to cohabit is most likely influencing the changes seen today. Figures show there are five million Britons in unmarried cohabiting relationships. This is an increase of over 25% since 2008 overtaking the number of couples getting married. Perhaps until now the rise in divorce rates has had a role to play in these statistics?

In 2017 the median age of men at the time of their divorce was 46. The median age of woman was 43.5. This age tends to coincide with child-rearing...

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